Master Word

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re you as clever as a fox? As dogged as a bloodhound? Do you have an eagle-eye for details? Pool your team’s resources together to seek out the Master Word!

Master Word is a co-operative word-based deduction game where players have to work together to try to find a secret word from a single starting hint.

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3 - 6 Players
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Ages 12+

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Each game, a Guide selects a card, looks at the Master Word, then shows the other players (Seekers) the starting hint. The Seekers then have 90 seconds to discuss and each write a Clue on a card, which they place in a row. Once this is done, the Guide places a number of tokens at the end of the row equal to the number of Clues that are ‘on the right track’ toward the Master Word. The only catch: the Seekers don’t know which Clues the tokens refer to!

If the Seekers write the Master Word on a Solution Card before the end of 7 rounds, everyone wins! If they fail to do this, or if they accidentally write the Master Word on a Clue Card, everyone loses!

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