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General Information

Where is Board Game Supply based?

BoardGameSupply is based in Epping NSW, Australia.

Is Board Game Supply Australian owned and operated?

Yes. Board Game Supply is owned and operated by an Australian keen to establish a business out of their passion for board games!

Does Board Game Supply have a retail store?

No, we don’t have a retail store, yet! We look forward to one day opening our very own retail store and hosting awesome events and tournaments.

What payment methods you accept?

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal through the Paypal and Stripe payment gateways.

When will X be back in stock?

You can get notifications when item/s are back in stock by adding the products to a wishlist, and our system will automatically email you once the item/s is back in stock. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us here and we will provide up-to-date information.

If you’re looking for a large quantity of any single item/s, please reach out to us here, and we will do our best to source the quantities you require.

Can I place a back-order for a product that is out-of-stock?

We don’t currently have back-orders available on the website but if you reach out here, we can help you out.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more stock than what is currently available, reach out here

Can't find the game you're looking for?

If you need help finding the game you’re looking for, the search bar in the top right of the main menu is quite handy at being able to find games via name, publisher or even related keywords.

If you still need help finding a game or want to inquire if we can source a game for you, please reach out to us here.

Do you price match?

In most cases, we can offer a price match. However, we reserve the right only to offer price matching on a case by case basis. To give you an idea, we will typically not price match in the following circumstances:

  • Where the requested price is below our cost price
  • Where the product is a demonstration model, second-hand or damaged
  • Sourced from an unauthorised reseller
  • Where the price is only available to a select group of people or membership
  • Where the price is discounted by non-monetary means such as a discount voucher, coupon or loyalty points

To request a price match, please submit a price match request here.


What is a complexity rating?

The complexity rating is used to display how difficult a game is to understand. For first-time board game purchasers, we recommend purchasing games with very low or low complexity.

What is a BGG rating?

The BGG ratings listed on are sourced from BoardGameGeek‘s (BGG) average rating.  The average rating from BGG consists of all the ratings from registered BGG users, calculated by adding up the individual ratings and dividing by the number of ratings to produce a score out of 10.

BoardGameGeek (BGG) is a board game database – a collection or catalogue of data and information on traditional board games. The game information recorded here is intended for posterity, historical research, and user-contributed ratings.

What are mechanics?

The mechanics in a game are the rules or actions that govern and guide how the game is played.

For example, the mechanic ‘Tile Placement‘ features placing a piece to score or trigger abilities, often based on adjacent pieces or pieces in the same group/cluster, and keying off non-spatial properties like colour, “feature completion”, cluster size etc.

Click here to read the definitions of all mechanics over at

How to shop by game Mechanic

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down and click on the ‘Show Filters’ button
  3. Scroll down to find the section titled ‘Filter By Mechanics’
  4. Select the mechanics you wish to shop by clicking on them

Order Management

What is your next-day dispatch guarantee?

We strive to get your orders in your hands as quick as possible. We strive to achieve the following dispatch guarantee:

  • Same business day dispatch on all orders placed before 10 am (AEST). Orders placed later in the day may still be dispatched the same day but is not guaranteed.
  • Otherwise, your order will be dispatched the next business day.

Exceptions to the guarantee include pre-orders and back-ordering out of stock items. Additionally, unexpected circumstances may arise on rare occasions that inhibit our ability to meet the guarantee. We appreciate your patience in these circumstances and will do our best to have your order dispatched ASAP.

To learn more, click here

Can I change the shipping address or cancel after an order is placed?

Should you wish to change the shipping address or cancel an order, please contact us by clicking here. Please ensure to do so as soon as possible and include detail information such as the order number and change required.

If your order has already been processed for dispatch, the change of shipping address or cancellation will not be possible.

Please visit our address changes and cancellations page to learn more.

How do I return my item(s) for a refund?

We understand that customers will occasionally change their mind upon receiving their order, we are still able to organise a return of the items in order to process a refund for you as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The returned item(s) must be sealed and in brand new condition
  • There must be proof of purchase(eg. receipt or order number)
  • Any return postage and initial postage will be covered by the buyer
  • The return or refund request is within 30 days of the product being dispatched
  • The item is not a TCG or Trading Card Game item

For more information, please visit our terms and conditions page here.

What do I do if the item(s) I received are faulty?

At BoardGameSupply we want every gaming experience to be perfect for our customers but unfortunately, there are rare cases where an item, due to a manufacturing error, is discovered as faulty.

This can include cases of:

  • Broken game pieces.
  • Missing game pieces.
  • And other similar occurrences that are assessed by BoardGameSupply on a case by case basis.

If you have received an item with a defect, please contact our customer service team here within 60 days of your purchase date.

For more information about out faulty items process please click here.

I haven't received my order yet, what do I do?

If you haven’t received your order or believe there is an issue with the delivery, please contact our customer service team here within 14 days so that we may assist you in the locating of your order.

Your order also may not have been shipped yet if you have ordered a pre-order product as part of your BoardGameSupply order if it is before the pre-order products release date.


Still have unanswered questions?

Drop us an email with your question on the form below and we will bet back to you shortly.