About Us

At Board Game Supply, we are passionate about bringing our favourite hobby to a broader audience. We believe that board games are “out of this world”, in how they can bring together friends and family, but also start new connections with others who are just as excited about board gaming.

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Our store is designed to showcase what we believe are some of the most innovative and unique board game and card gaming experiences for people looking to try something new or even searching for a gift.

Our online board game store stocks a large range of Board Games, Card Games, Trading Card Games and Dice Games so you will find something great to play at Board Game Supply.

With so many new board games being released each month, our dedicated team is here to find the most exciting experiences and help you find the right game for your interests and needs.

Who is Gerry?

Gerry is the mascot of Board Game Supply. He represents our goal to supply board games that are unbelievably fun for everyone. If you need to find a game but don’t know where to start just Ask Gerry.

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