It’s the fast-talking description game!

The king of ‘what’s-on-the-card?’ games; the queen of against-the-clock gabbling and gesticulating; the prince of all-ages fun family get-togethers and the entire royal family of competitive after-dinner challenge-your-friends revelry…

What can we say about Articulate! that hasn’t been said already?

‘Describe a word without actually saying it’ – it might sound very simple, but when you’re racing the timer and being heckled mercilessly by the other team then… well, let’s just say that it isn’t!

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4 - 8 Players
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Very Low Complexity
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Ages 12+

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Articulate draws the shy from their shell, de-cocks the cocky and unites whole roomfuls of people in bouts of good old-fashioned hysterical laughter.

This multi-award-winning game is regularly found on ‘top pick’ lists everywhere, and for very good reason. With 500 cards featuring all of 3,000 topics included, the game is a true ‘laster’; an extra card set is available to purchase for the truly committed!

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