The Game of Life Junior


Choose your fun adventure with The Game of Life – junior style! This fun and fast-paced game is just like the adult version, but with much cooler rides! Pick the Blue Wheeler, the Pink Cruiser, the Yellow Speedster or the Green Rider, and start enjoying life’s twists and turns! Have tons of fun with amazing adventures on the beach or at the zoo – it’s your choice! Keep collecting stars and see how the Action cards and Attractions like the Museum or the Chocolate Factory affect your fate. If you get to 10 stars first, you win! You’ll have a fun game and an awesome day whenever you play The Game of Life Junior game! The Game of Life Junior is an easy, fun way to start playing The Game of Life Easy to set up and play Action cards and Attractions change your path Collect 10 stars first for the win.

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2 - 4 Players
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Very Low Complexity
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Ages 5+

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