Railroad Ink: Underground Expansion Pack


An expansion pack for Railroad Ink series, the critically acclaimed roll and write games where you draw routes on your board trying to connect the exits at its edges. The Underground Expansion Pack contains 4 dice that you can use in two ways, for the Standalone mode or for the Expansion mode.

Requires a Railroad Ink core game to play.

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The Underground Expansion Pack contains 4 dice that you can use in two ways. With the Standalone mode, you use them instead of the normal Route dice, to build underground networks of Subway Routes and Water Pipes to score points in a whole new way. With the Expansion mode, you use them together with the normal Route dice, but without mixing them! You need two boards for each player, one for the Surface and one for the Underground. The basic Route dice are used on the Surface board (following the normal rules), while the Underground dice (and rules) are used on the Underground board!

Note: at least one core set of Railroad Ink™ or Railroad Ink Challenge™ is required to use this expansion pack.


Difficulty: Hard

Underground is a single 4 dice expansion. Manage an underground network of Subways and Water Pipes. You can use the Underground dice either as an Expansion to the base game or as a standalone game.
Railroad Ink - Underground Expansion Example 1
To play with the Underground dice as an Expansion, you need two boards for each player: one board for the Surface and one for the Underground. You will play alternating between Surface and Underground rounds for a total of 14 rounds: 7 Surface rounds and 7 Underground rounds. Start with a Surface round, following the normal rules of the Railroad Ink version whose boards you chose as the Surface boards.

During an Underground round, the Underground dice are rolled and every player must draw the results of these dice on their Underground board, following the Underground placement restrictions.

Railroad Ink - Underground Expansion Example 4


The the two boards interact in two ways: you can create Hubs and gain points by matching the positions of Subway Stations and surface Stations; additionally, you will break a pipe and lose points if you draw a surface Station above a Water Pipe space.

Creating a Hub: If a surface Station and an underground Subway Station share the same space, fill the Subway Station: it is now a Hub.

Breaking a Pipe: Drawing a Station “on top” of a pipe will break it, but not vice-versa.

Railroad Ink - Underground Expansion Example 6


Railroad Ink - Underground Expansion Example 7When playing the Standalone version, you only play with the Underground board. Follow the rules of the Expansion Mode with just a few changes:

  • Play only for 7 rounds.
  • Don’t use a Surface board and the white Route dice.
  • Ignore all the interaction rules between the Surface and Underground boards.
  • When you draw a Subway Station, if there is no Hub in the same row and/or column, you must immediately transform that Subway Station into a Hub.

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