Exit: The Game – The Stormy Flight

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Team spirit, creativity, mystery and speed are in demand at “EXIT – The Game – The Flight Into the Unknown”. The 1-4 players have little time to bring a complicated situation under control again: The players are part of the crew of a passenger plane. Suddenly they get into the middle of a storm. Water penetrates the machine and parts of the technology fail. Will the team be able to repair the aircraft and land safely? There is not much time left …

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1 - 4 Players
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Ages 12+

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The escape-room feeling for the home! With “EXIT – The Game”, players with a bit of dedication, team spirit and creativity gradually discover more and more items, crack codes, solve puzzles and come closer to their goal little by little. It also unusual ways must be followed: So the material may be kinked, labelled or cut. Just changing the material allows a particularly exciting, unique and amazing gaming experience.

The next game in the Exit series from renowned designers Inka and Markus Brand. EXIT is a puzzle game modelled after escape rooms, and it includes components meant to be folded, written upon, or torn, so it’s a single-use game.

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