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The Pokémon TCG is a card game played in rounds between two players. To get started with the Pokemon, each player is required to play with a deck of 60 playing cards.  To have a good chance at winning each game, the player will need to have a good selection of cards in their deck that work well together and consist of a good mix of Pokémon and supporting cards.


Getting Started with Digital

Before getting started with physical cards, the free online digital version of the Pokémon TCG Online Game is a great way to learn the game with no investment. Pokémon TCG Online Game can be played on Mac, Windows, Andriod tablet (Play Store) or iOS tablet(App Store).

Pokémon TCG Online Game Installer

Getting Started with Physical Cards

A great way to get started is to purchase a theme deck or battle deck. These decks are a full set of 60 playing cards designed to allow players to play the game out of the box without having to build their own decks. Additionally, theme decks and battle decks will include all the required items to learn and play the game. Each deck’s content will vary but often include the following:

pokemon theme deck contents - perfect for getting started
60 Pokémon card deck
1 metallic coin
Playmat and rulesheet
1 code card to play the deck online
1 deck box
Damage counters
1 card checklist (not shown)
  1. 60 Pokémon card deck
  2. 1 metallic coin
  3. playmat and rulesheet
  4. 1 code card to play the deck online
  5. 1 deck box
  6. Damage counters
  7. 1 card checklist

These theme decks or battle decks and its contents make them a perfect purchase get started playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game with friends! Additionally, the included code card enables the player to claim and play the same theme deck on the online version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Here is the current selection of Pokémon theme decks and battle decks we have available at

Alternatively, Build & Battle Stadium boxes are another great option for building your first deck. Each Build & Battle Stadium box comes with the following:

  • 2 individual Build & Battle Boxes, each containing a 23-card Evolution pack to build your decks
  • Evolution packs contain 1 of 4 unique foil promo cards
  • 4 additional booster packs (each containing 10 cards and 1 basic Energy), so you get 12 booster packs in all
  • 121 Pokémon TCG Energy cards
  • 6 damage-counter dice
  • 2 competition-legal coin-flip dice
  • 2 acrylic condition markers
  • A collector’s box to hold everything
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game

Another great option when getting started is to purchase the Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Academy. The Battle Academy includes everything two players need to play, with guides to the decks so your first game is easy to follow.

You can choose Charizard or Pikachu to lead your team in a heads-up battle against another Trainer. Then, switch up the decks to play Mewtwo against Charizard or Pikachu, and lead a different team of Pokémon into the arena!

How to Play

Now that you’re ready to play, you’ll need to learn how to play a game of Pokemon TCG. Luckily, we have another hand post that will teach you how to play:

How to Play Pokemon TCG

We hope this article has been helpful and wish you luck on your Pokémon journey!


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