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Looking to start your own Funko Pop Vinyl collection? In this article, we will cover everything you need to know along with common questions you may have when starting your collection.

What are Funko Pop Vinyl Figures?

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures are collectible figurines of popular culture people or fictional characters made from Vinyl. Manufactured by Funko, an American company that licenses pop culture collectibles. Funko Pop Vinyls figures feature a range of fixed head figures and bobblehead figures.

To determine which figures are fixed head figures or bobbleheads, you can check the text at the bottom of the front of the box as pictured below:

Funko Pop Vinyls with the text “Vinyl Figure” under the character/pop culture icon have fixed heads.
Funko Pop Vinyls with text “Bobble-head” under the character/pop culture icon name will have a bobblehead.

What Funko Pop Vinyl Characters/Pop Culture Icons are Available?

There are thousands of unique Funko Pop figures available. All figures are allocated into lines that are similar to a category. Some of the most popular Pop lines include Movies, Television, Rides, Games, Albums, Animation, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and many more.

Depending on the category/line, the logo on the top left of the product box may have a second line of text displaying the category/line (example below). Brand or franchise categories/lines, such as Star Wars, typically do not have a second line of text under the pop logo, as the brand/franchise logo will be present in the title area of the packaging.

Pop! Games Category/Line Logo
Standard Pop Logo
Star Wars Logo

Funko is constantly releasing new characters and pop culture icons as new figures. The best way to keep up to date is by subscribing to Funko’s newsletter and following their social media accounts. Additionally, following your local retailer or online retailer on social media or subscribing to their newsletter is a great way to ensure you know when to lock in your pre-order or new release.

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What Are The Numbers On The Funko Pop Vinyl Box?

The numbers on the top right of a Funko Pop Vinyl box are the figure’s numbers in the associated category/line. For example, both the Disney and Star Wars categories/lines will have separate figures that are numbered with 1, 2 and so on. It is also important to note that various versions of the same numbered figure can be released with the same line. However, if the figure is within the same category/line and shares the same number, it will be the same designed figure with a different finish or colour.

Disney Funko Pop Vinyl 01 – Mickey Mouse Figures

Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyl 01 – Darth Vader Figures

What Are The Stickers On The Funko Pop Vinyl Box?

Funko Pop Vinyls can feature a wide range of stickers on the box that can indicate a wide range of finishes, exclusivity or rare variant. Here are some examples of the stickers that can be found on the Funko Pop Vinyl boxes, along with what they mean:

The Special Edition stickers replace US retailer exclusivity stickers outside of the US.

Figures with the Flocked sticker are partially or wholly covered in felt to give the effect of fur or fabric.

Figures with the Glows in the Dark sticker are partially or completely made of glow-in-the-dark material.


The Limited Edition Chase sticker indicates that the figure is a rare alternative version of the figure.

Funko Pop Vinyls with the Diamond Collection sticker is covered in silver glitter.

Blacklight Glow stickers indicate that the figure has been designed and made with UV glow paint and material to glow under blacklight.

2022-Summer-Convention-Exclusive Funko-Pop-2022-Galactic-Convention-Exclusive-Sticker

Convention stickers indicate that the figure was an exclusive figure made for the convention on the sticker.

What Are Chase Funko Pop Vinyls?

Chase Funko Pop Vinyls are rare figures with an alternative design, material or finish from the usual figure. Chase figures are packed in a ratio of 1/6 for each figure with a chase variant available.

The chase variant can vary from being a small addition such as an object, item of clothing, areas of the figure being glow-in-the-dark, flocked or other finishes. Below are some examples of Funko Pop Vinyls with their corresponding chase variants:

Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Bo-Katan Kryze pop vinyl figure with chase variant comparison. The chase variant of Bo-Katan is the usual figure with her helmet off.

Pinocchio – Blue Fairy Pop! Vinyl Figure with chase variant comparison. The chase variant of Blue Fairy is the usual figure, except she has a transparent sparkly dress.

Aladdin - Jasmine in Disguise (with chase) Pop! Vinyl Figure Aladdin - Jasmine in Disguise (with chase) Pop! Vinyl Figure Chase Variant

Aladdin – Jasmine In Disguise Pop! Vinyl Figure with chase variant comparison. The chase variant of Jasmine in Disguise is the usual figure, except she is holding an apple in her hand.

What Funko Pop Vinyls Should I Collect?

There is no one answer on what Funko Pop Vinyl figures you should collect. Everyone is different and should collect what figures they want to collect. However, it is common to collect:

  • A complete category/line such as Pop! Movies,
  • A set, franchise or series within a category/line such as The Lord of the Rings
  • Their favourite pop culture icons/characters from various categories/lines

The most important aspect of collecting is to set a monthly or yearly financial budget or a limit on how many figures you plan to collect. Setting a budget or limit will ensure you don’t get too carried away and end up with every cupboard filled with Pop Vinyls.

If you’re considering buying Funko Pop Vinyls as an investment, please consider obtaining professional advice and researching before making expensive purchases. Sometimes, the value of a “vaulted” (Not being made again) or non-vaulted Funko Pop can vary drastically like any other investment with value based on supply and demand. Additionally, care should be taken to ensure you’re purchasing from a vendor with a good selling history/reviews to avoid receiving an imitation product.

How Should I Store My Funko Pop Vinyls?

How you store or protect your Funko Pop Vinyls is up to you. Often called out-of-the-box collectors will display their figures outside the original packaging on shelves and around their house. In contrast, in-the-box collectors will keep the figure inside the box.

Example of out-of-the-box collecting

Example of in-the-box collecting

Ultimately, the decision to collect the figures inside or outside the box may come down to whether you want to enjoy viewing the figure or keep them inside the box to retain collectors’ value. However, out-of-the-box collecting will save on shelf space if space is an issue.

How Should I Protect My Funko Pop Vinyls?

When it comes down to selecting a product to protect your Funko Pop Vinyls, there are two commonly available solutions, a thin, flexible plastic or a hard acrylic cover. The thinner covers usually come at a lower price and are sold in a flat pack of 10 per packet. While the thicker hard plastic offers more protection, it comes at a higher unit price and takes up more storage space if it isn’t being utilised.

If you wish to keep your Funko Pop Vinyl figure and box in good condition it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid sun damage and colour fading. UV protective window film can be a great way to prevent sun damage in areas near windows or direct sunlight.

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Do Funko Pop Vinyls Have Brains or Things Inside Them?

No! Please don’t cut open your Funko Pop Vinyls expecting to find anything of interest. Sometimes you will hear a noise when shaking Funko Pop Vinyls; however, this is usually just a loose piece of vinyl from the manufacturing process.


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